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About Mountain Bike Seat

Lately, you have noticed that your legs are not the only part of you that has been sore for days after a hard or long ride. Your old mountain bike seat is the culprit, and it is time to replace it with something that offers a bit more padding, cushioning and protection. The seat you have now has given you hours of comfort and support and you are interested in replacing it with something similar. A mountain bike gel seat, which is available new and used from reliable sellers on eBay, is one option. During your search, you may come across seats that have an extra silicone saddle cover to provide you with an added layer of cushioning, and seats with ample padding to absorb shock and make your ride a bit softer. If you want a smaller design that provides a similar amount of comfort, there is the Specialized mountain bike seat, which is very light weight. Convenient shipping options mean no long waits in line for your mountain bike seat.