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About Motorola Chargers

Shop the extensive inventory of cell phone accessories including Motorola cell phone chargers!

It really stinks when you are out and your mobile phone battery completely dies on you. Keep your phone charged and ready to use with a handy Motorola charger. Reliable sellers on eBay list a broad range of Motorola phone chargers for virtually any type of Motorola phone. At home or in your office, you can charge your phone with a Motorola charger that plugs into an electrical outlet. These phone chargers are available for models such as the Razr, Atrix, and Krave. When you are on the go, charge your phone with one of the Motorola cell phone car chargers available, from brands such as include Motorola, Rocketfish, Case Logic, Sky Touch, and more. Choose a single Motorola charger or a lot that includes multiple chargers, such as one for the car and one for at home. Some lots even come with additional accessories, such as an extra USB cord, a dock charger, headphones, and screen protectors. Each charger comes with a variety of convenient shipping options.