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About Motorola Atrix Screens

Tragedies befall even the most conscientious smartphone owners: If your Motorola Atrix took a tumble when your niece bumped the table and sent it hurtling toward the floor, there's still hope. There's no need to throw away your phone when all you really need is a replacement Motorola Atrix screen. With the right tools, a screen replacement is a relatively simple, if delicate, job. You just have to be careful and not force components apart as that can damage the cables that control the Atrix touch screen. Browse eBay to see the new or used parts you need, from the Motorola Atrix screen itself to the tools to remove it like a spudger and the little plastic pry tool that removes the hours of frustration that can come with opening a phone. Remember that there are several iterations of the Atrix smartphone: the original Atrix 4G, the Atrix 2, and even the Atrix HD. Bad things happen (especially to smartphones), but you can always find a silver lining if you know where to look.