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About Motorcycle Half Helmets

Sweet air, freedom, and safety: these elements combine to form the perfect motorcycle ride. With a motorcycle half helmet, the open-face structure and protective top shell blend together each of those essential elements into one convenient package that also looks good. The little brother to the open-face or three-quarter helmet, the motorcycle half helmet, also known as a "shorty," provides protection over the vital areas while leaving the rest of your head and face to bask in the wind. This style of helmet gained popularity in the 1960s as part of the Rocker subculture. Also associated with military scooters, so-called army motorcycle half helmets are a popular spinoff style, often worn by urban scooter riders. Open-face motorcycle half helmets allow riders a degree of freedom while still complying to many states' helmet laws. However, its basic structure, which leaves the eyes exposed, usually forces riders to wear goggles or other protective eye gear in order to see. On eBay, it is easy to find different motorcycle half helmet styles and eye gear in one convenient space. The freedom and risk of the open-air lifestyle defines the motorcycle rider's life. Protecting your vital parts while still basking in that freedom is an even trade and the half helmet is the perfect solution.