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After calling every auto parts store in town, you are beginning to think that you will never find a replacement for the busted carburetor on your old Ford. You decide that you might find a genuine Ford Motorcraft replacement part on eBay, and your hopes rise when you see a number of reliable sellers offering a selection of spares on the site. You do a quick search on the site for the Motorcraft 2100 carburetor that you require to repair the Ford and find a selection of sellers offering the part that you need. There is a choice of new or secondhand parts in excellent condition and the sellers are generally offering to deliver the Motorcraft carburetor as well. The cost of the replacement part was much less than you expected, and so you decide to scroll through the lists to see what else you could replace on your old car and find a Motorcraft oil filter that you are certain needs replacing. As you finalize your purchase, you make a mental note to look on eBay before heading to the auto store next time your old Ford breaks down.