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About Motor Starter

Are you having a tough time getting your high-powered motorized devices to start? You may need a boost from a motor starter. Fortunately, eBay features a long list of professional retail sellers with brand new motor starters in their original packaging as well as hobby enthusiasts who can sell you the pre-owned devices that have served them well in the past. When it comes to an electric motor starter, simplicity and safety are of vital importance. The motor starter made by TEMCo Supply features a NEMA 4X enclosure, fast acceleration, and a high initial torque. The simple start and reset buttons on the exterior allow for easy controls, and the plastic exterior reduces the risk of electrical shock. If you need a magnetic motor starter, eBay has you covered as well. Check out the selection of safe and reliable 5-horsepower single-phase 220-240 volt magnetic starters with a steel housing for maximum durability. These are a perfect choice if your home air compressor keeps burning up and you need a quick and reliable solution.