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About Mosin Nagant Scope Mount

You inherited your grandfather's Mosin-Nagant rifle from the 1800s, and you love it. It does need a few accessories, however, like a Mosin-Nagant scope mount. It can be difficult to learn how to shoot some older firearms, and a good scope helps quite a bit. While there were not scopes in use during the original time the rifle was used, there are plenty of aftermarket scopes available for the firearm now. One favorite among collectors is a Mosin-Nagant PU scope mount. The scope is fixed at 3.5 magnification, and since it was a Soviet sniper scope, it works well with the Russian-made Mosin-Nagant. Another favorite is the ATI Mosin-Nagant scope mount from Advanced Technology International. The scope is made from aluminum, making it extremely light, and it usually includes the bolt handle as well. No matter what type of Mosin-Nagant scope mount you hope to find, the vast inventory on eBay makes it easy to find just the right one. Before you know it, you are going to be an expert with the rifle, and making your grandfather proud.