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Power, electricity, energy, these simple words may often describe personality traits, but they are also common characteristics people look for in technology, particularly in computers. The MOSFET, an acronym for metal-oxide semiconductor field-effect transistor, is a key component in creating that power you crave as these small devices convert voltage as well as amplify electronic signals. Individuals working on a number of electrical projects, but most often computer-related ones such as the motherboard, know about the important of proper MOSFET function and replacement. In fact, using eBay to find a power MOSFET or MOSFET kit needed to repair a computer or other electronic device makes a lot of sense since many sellers offer deals on lots of devices so there are more to spare. Gaining power, converting electricity, sending energy from one field to the next, these actions are not only the types of actions that you may want personally, but they are also essential for the proper functioning of your favorite electronic devices.