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About Moschino

When you slip on your funky Moschino jacket and shoes, does a chill dance down your spine? Well finally, here is a brand that knows just how crazy and just how far your rebellious streak goes. Started by Franco Moschino, this fun and eccentric brand was made for individuals who marched to beat of their own drum. Reliable sellers that you can find on eBay have an assortment of Moschino dresses, bags, jackets, belt, and shoes, among others. Whether you are after new or pre-owned duds, you should be able to find an outfit that makes you stand out from the crowd. While everyone is a unique snowflake just like you, with Moschino, you can outshine even the best of them. Love the Moschino designs when it was still Franco running the show? With enough patience, you should be able to score yourself some vintage swag as well. At the end of the day, it doesn't matter if you can't speak Italian, what matters is you speak Moschino.