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About Morpho

Most Morpho butterfly species look like they invaded Earth from some beautiful, fantastic realm. The members of the genus Morpho are some of the biggest butterflies in the world and are found living in South America, Central America, and Mexico, with the abundance in the forests of the Amazon. Different Morpho species can have wingspans that range from 3 to 8 inches, and are metallic blue or green. Morpho females are usually less colorful than the males, but still display classic features of this species. Collectors of butterflies seek out these butterflies to add to their display and showcase prominently in a wood or metal case. If you want a subtle yet intriguingrange of wing color, choose Morpho species with bright colors like orange, dark brown, or white. Blue Morpho butterflies and other Morpho butterfly types are also prized for their decorative beauty. Reliable sellers on eBay offer individual and groups of Morpho butterflies at a great deal with convenient shipping to your front door.

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