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About Moroccan Oil

Moroccan oil, naturally produced from the kernels of the argan tree, has numerous benefits for nails, skin, and hair. If you want hydrated, strong tresses, products containing Moroccan oil can give your locks the nourishment they need for strength and resilience. It can keep hair hydrated and reduce splitting. If you have trouble getting your nails to grow, Moroccan oil can strengthen them to prevent breaking, allowing them to grow longer. Simply massage the oil into your nails on a daily basis. The fatty oleic and linoleic acids as well as the vitamin E, phenols and carotenes in Moroccan oil make it effective for hair, nail and skin treatments. While it's a primary ingredient in these beauty products, Moroccan argan oil also has a number of health benefits. Using a USDA-approved product as a daily treatment can result in anti-aging benefits. It has also been known to get acne and psoriasis under control when other products have failed. If you want to do something about your stretch marks, this oil can visibly reduce their appearance. If you want to combat wrinkles, applying the oil to your skin can help with the hydration your skin needs to repair and replenish healthy cells. The oil can even be used to ease the pain and suffering associated with arthritis. Simply massage the oil into your joints and let its anti-inflammatory properties go to work alleviating your pain. While there are a number of health and beauty products on the market, very few have as wide a range of beauty and health benefits as this natural oil.