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About Moroccan Dresses

Decorative, deluxe, and diverse, Moroccan dresses are famously elegant and chic. Moroccan clothes are traditionally beautiful, but very distinct, with a huge variety of fabrics, colors, and shapes draped across the body. One of the most common types of Moroccan dress is the Haik, a loose-fitting cloak style of garment made with fine, light cloth. Usually colored and white and resting gently on the skin, a Moroccan wedding dress is often cut in this style, as it is lightly colored and perfect for keeping cool in the hot Moroccan sun. Other long flowing dresses include the Kaftan, another long, flowing garment that is also popular at celebrations or other important occasions. Rich, sumptuous fabrics and gaudily colored silks are also commonplace with Moroccan dresses, and colors traditionally associated with wealth such as gold and silver are often woven into dress designs or embroidered patterns. Whether you are looking for new or used Moroccan dresses suitable for a range of different occasions, with thousands of reliable sellers offering a huge number of beautiful dresses and designs, you are sure to find something that you love on eBay.

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