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About Mormons

If the word Mormon immediately makes you break into a litany of showtunes from the Tony-winning Broadway musical, you may not be familiar with the real "Book of Mormon". The "Book of Mormon" is the basis for the Mormon religion itself. Joseph Smith, the founder of the Church of Latter Day Saints, translated the original text of this tome into the guide that followers have used as their cornerstone of worship since 1830. When it comes to the teachings and writings of the Latter Day Saints, the Book is the most revered and distinctive work available. Interested buyers can purchase new or vintage versions of the Book on eBay from reliable sellers, or they can find other Mormon-themed items like artwork or clothing. Early copies of the book are worth more than just money, as these antique texts have sentimental value as well. Regardless of whether you belong to the religion or whether you are simply curious about what comprises the Latter Day Saints organization, consult the Book and find out for yourself what those young men who show up at your door are talking about.