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About Morgan Silver Dollar CC

Combining the beauty of Victorian-age embellishment and the romance of the Old West, Morgan silver CC dollars, struck in Carson City, Nevada, are some of the most beautiful collectible coins on the market. Because only 13 years of these dollar coins were ever minted, they have held their value as surely as they have held their charm. You can hold history in your hands with the 1878 CC Morgan dollar, the first silver dollar produced by the Carson Mint. The 1889 CC Morgan silver dollar, which is the rarest of the set and very hard to find in good condition, is the pinnacle of any collection. If you are new to coin collecting, the 1882 to 1884 years are the easiest to find and are a good place for beginners to start. The combination of history, design, and precious metal is hard to resist, and a large number of beautiful numismatic temptations are available on eBay from reliable sellers who are happy to help you complete your collection of Morgan silver CC dollars.