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About Morgan Dollars

Miners cashed in on massive silver deposits, such as Comstock Lode, and the U.S. Mint cashed in on the stunning Morgan dollar in 1978, named after designer George Morgan. Morgan silver dollars were popular at the time, when people were less trustful of paper money and preferred owning true gold and silver coins. The Morgan comprises a lot of silver, at least 90 percent, and since some silver coins tarnish as they age, this can result in a lovely toned Morgan dollar. These toned coins have a rainbow sheen on top of the silver underneath, and for many collectors, this tarnish increases the value. Morgan dollars are also associated with the Carson City Mint, and the coins that bear the "CC" mintmark are collector favorites. Also, due to the delicate design of the dollar, the Mint had trouble striking this coin, which led to many variations of the Morgan that collectors identify based on their VAM number. Shop the vast inventory of collectible coins on eBay, and own a piece of modern American history with a Morgan silver dollar.