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About Moonstone Beads

The moonstone is a gem that was once associated with the Roman goddess Diana, and was considered sacred by the Romans. Moonstone beads appear as pearly white stones until the light hits them and they shimmer from the glow. These types of beads have been used by lovers as talismans and amulets during ancient times, for couples thought it invoked their passions. If you want to own these unusual beads, search on eBay to find a beautiful selection of rainbow moonstone beads in jewelry, including bracelets and necklaces. The beads come in a variety of shapes, including oval, round, teardrop, and faceted rondelle that act as a prism, diffuse energy, and deflect negativity. Check with reliable sellers for a stunning selection of moonstone pendant beads that includes oval, round, and square stones. White, blue, and yellow moonstones are available in unique designs that include turtles and angels. Add an elegant style to your accessories with moonstone beads that soothe anxiety and stress, while they glow like the moon.