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About Moon Boots

Leggings, jumpsuits, and moon boots all scream 1980s, and these items have once again become fashion staples. Women's and men's moon boots are characterized by high tops — similar to snowboard boots — as well as padded surrounds and fabric or faux fur exteriors. These boots are notable for their warmth and durability in snow and rain, as the soles are functional rubber. For an authentic 1980s throwback, consider purchasing vintage moon boots. There are many imitation boots on the market, but for the original moon boot, look for a Tecnica design that features "Moon Boot" on the exterior. Moon boots can work with a variety of clothing styles, with calf, knee, and thigh-high lengths available. If you are trying to mimic 1980s fashion but prefer a newer take on an old design, brands such as Burberry offer a more modern take on the iconic boot. Take a page out of the 1980s playbook and add new or used moon boots to your fashion inventory from the large selection available on eBay.

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