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About Mood Necklaces

You wake up in the morning wondering what the day will bring. You get dressed and reach for your mood necklace, hoping to see the stone turn to blue or violet. These colors reflect a calm, happy, and relaxed mood. Mood jewelry became a popular fad in the 1970s and is still around today. While the necklace cannot really predict your emotional state with any true degree of accuracy, it does reflect body temperature. The stone in a mood necklace is a hollow glass shell containing thermotropic liquid crystals that change color with temperature fluctuations. When the stone turns green, it indicates an average day without much going on. As body temperature lowers, the stone turns yellow, brown, or gray, supposedly reflecting tense, nervous, or anxious feelings. A mood necklace should not be subjected to extremely cold conditions, as this can damage the liquid crystals and cause the stone to turn black. Matching best friend necklaces, popular with teens, are available in many different motifs, including dual pieces of a broken heart, sun and moon, and yin and yang. Animals, such as a turtles, pandas, and fish, are also represented. You can find a vast inventory of mood necklaces and related accessories on eBay.