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About Montesa

Bikes roaring around a dusty dirt track and wheels skidding and kicking up rocks and grit are exciting sights, but the bikes themselves had better be worth riding. The Montesa production line, a Spanish subsidiary of Honda Motors, is an early pioneer of motorcycle engineering, which has remained relevant in motocross and commercial motorcycle engineering into the 21st century. Bikes, like the Montesa King Scorpion, are decidedly geared toward pro bikers with their tough but unforgiving suspension, 250cc gasoline engines, and minimal frills both in terms of aesthetic design and in terms of driver interface. The Montesa Cota also makes efficient use of the 250cc engine, which was an important part of the line's prominence on the racing circuit in the 1960s and 1970s thanks to the advantage in power and acceleration with which it provided racers. You can find Montesa bikes in new, used, collectible, and refurbished condition on eBay. Qualified sellers offer access to a wide array of new and classic bikes, and they also stock the parts and tools needed to service them adequately.