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About Montegrappa

The last time you filled out a form with a pen, you were shocked that your penmanship had become a toddler's scrawl and you blamed all that time spent writing on your PC. If you are going to relearn the art of writing on paper, why not do it with a Montegrappa pen? This brand of writing instruments is made up of premium and stylish pens. While you can go for a rollerball pen, the classic nibbed fountain pen is a vintage tool that will add more than a bit of gravitas to your penmanship. But if you find fancy boring and desire a true rarity, choose the Montegrappa Chaos. It is limited edition, hand-made pen designed by Sylvester Stallone. Both the cap and the body of the pen are exquisitely finished and covered with depictions of skulls, swords, snakes, and lizards. You can find this pen and the full range of Montegrappa writing instruments among the wide selection of premium pens on eBay. And while you are learning how far up the pen your opposable thumb should go, show your wrist some love with a matching pair of Montegrappa NeroUno cufflinks and watch.