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About Monster Toys

Godzilla rises from the ashes of a ruined Tokyo, his famous and timeless roar echoing through the billowing smoke and underscoring the frantic thump of helicopter rotors. The scenes that live in cinema history are just as vivid in the mind of children at play, and monster toys give them icons to fix their dreams to. Reliable sellers on eBay offer a vast selection of vintage monster toys from classic collections, such as the rampaging dinosaurs of Jurassic Park and the nuclear horrors of the Toho Godzilla film franchise. These old monster toys can occupy children for hours and hours, as they relive the magic of the silver screen in their living rooms and out in their driveways. For collectors these monster toys are an opportunity for display and arrangement, a way to construct tributes to a long-lived genre that has inspired the dreams of not just children but artists, creature designers, and filmmakers of all ages and from all over the world.