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About Monster Reborn

Your son has been collecting Yu-Gi-Oh cards since he was just a little boy. By now he has accumulated a vast collection, but recently realized that he was missing a few of the Monster Reborn cards. A fellow Yu-Gi-Oh collector referred him to eBay because there he could find a vast assortment of even the rarest cards from reliable sellers. He had no trouble at all, and actually found a rare Monster Reborn Super DLG1-EN017 card. The authentic English NM Dark Legends Yu-Gi-Oh card was in near mint condition and a great deal. While searching he came across another card he never expected to find: an extremely rare Monster Reborn Ultra card. The Genuine Konami USA card also dealt out an added bonus ? the card was played, making it worth even more. As soon as the cards arrived, your son added them to his collection and informed you that he wants to continue looking on eBay for more rare Monster Reborn cards.