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About Monster High Scaris

Monster High is a multimedia artistic series featuring characters who are related to classic monsters out of horror fiction and movies. The series includes Web TV, full-length movies, and other things including a series of "Monster High" Scaris dolls based on the web episode "Scaris: City of Frights." Among the dolls in this series are the "Monster High" Scaris Jinafire Long doll, which is the daughter of two dragons and can breathe fire; the "Monster High" Scaris Clawdeen doll, which is the daughter of the werewolf and calls herself "the Alpha Wolf of style;" and dolls depicting Skelita Calaveras, Abbey Bominable, and others. You can find all of these dolls and more, plus accessories, on eBay offered by reliable sellers. The "Monster High" Scaris dolls are true to the characters from the shows and capture the same quirky humor. This is a great gift for fans of the series and kids who like a bit of macabre spice in their fun.