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About Monster Cards

With your heart pounding wildly, your hands begin to shake as you turn over your card to see if it will trump your opponent's. If monster cards were a keen feature of your childhood, why not consider revisiting them in your adult years? With various themes available in the years running up to the 1980s, these cards had the potential to shock and delight children in equal measures. While some draw on movies of the time, like Nightmare on Elm Street, others take a competitive edge for those who enjoy card games. Topps Monster Cards included the 'You will Die Laughing' set, which offered creatures from the depths of authors' imaginations in comical scenarios. From freaky Frankensteins to gooey blobs, these cards had it all. Collectors aiming for a darker experience can always try horror monster cards, but do try not to scare yourself too much. There is enough variety among reliable sellers on eBay to find monster cards that can take you back to an era when they were popular, in no time.