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About Monroe - Movie Memorabilia

A candle in the wind and "the girl in the LIFE magazine," throughout her too-short life and even after her death, Marilyn Monroe produced art in many ways. Those who love Marilyn, or Norma Jean as they may affectionately call her, love to collect remnants of Monroe art, particularly in the form old magazines prominently featuring a Marilyn Monroe cover. Her work with LIFE magazine, which was perhaps her most famous, began in April 1952. Indeed, this cover remains one of the most popular issues of LIFE or Marilyn products ever sold. That is why many collectors turn to eBay to find such vintage magazine covers, as well as photographs and other collectibles from Norma Jean's life. There are so many sellers to consider, each with a passion for Marilyn of their own. From movies to magazines, newspapers to tabloids, it is hard to deny the publicity that dogged her and love people felt for Marilyn Monroe even long after her tragic death in 1962. Luckily, for those who continue that love, there is a way to preserve and remember the best bits of it and of her.