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About Monogrammed Napkins

The table is set for the biggest event you have hosted all year. For this engagement party, you added a special detail to the table: monogrammed napkins with your soon-to-be last initial embroidered into the fabric. You smile proudly as you show the guests into the dining room to begin the celebration. With the selection of monogrammed napkins on eBay, you can add a personal touch to any dinner. Monogrammed linen napkins are reusable napkins on delicate fabric, while monogrammed paper napkins are a way to add class to a casual dinner or party. Many different styles of monograms are available, from clean, classic letters to flowery, ornate script, and you can find napkins in a wide variety of colors including neutrals, pastels, and bold primary colors. Large or small sets are available, so you can get just the quantity you need, and convenient shipping options allow you to have your napkins delivered right to your door.