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About Mono Amps

You love the deep bass thumps your home audio mono amp allows your subwoofer to produce but the wimpy stereo sound in your car leaves something to be desired. No longer do you have settle for just the tinny sound leaking out of your stereo. If you are looking for a mono amp to deliver power to the subwoofer for sounds, you can feel as much as hear, look no further than the wide selection on eBay. There are several listings available from reliable sellers for car mono amplifiers. Choose from amplifier kits, boards, and more in new, used, and vintage condition. A popular brand for home and car audio is the Kicker mono amps. Available in 250, 500, and 1500 watts these hard-hitting amplifiers will have your subwoofer booming. Choose from the ZX amp or Block amp models. With convenient shipping options, it will not be long before you can feel the music from your seat as well as you can hear it.