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About Monitor Speakers

What's your project going to sound like to listeners at home? You can only know by playing it through monitor speakers, as hi-fi speakers usually "color" the audio signal to some degree, while monitor speakers aim for a flat frequency response to reduce signal alteration as much as possible. While you can use monitor speakers at home, they tend to work best at shorter listening distances, which is a feature better suited to the studio or the stage. Many monitor speakers have a built-in amplifier, which saves you space on your equipment rack and delivers excellent audio quality because the amplifier automatically matches the speaker's drivers. Some monitor speakers even have a room correction feature that tunes the speaker to the room's acoustics, which enhances how clearly you hear the audio signal. Whether you need monitor speakers for the studio or for the stage, you can find plenty of high-performance, new and pre-owned models on eBay. Just remember: When you're shopping for monitor speakers, you're not looking for the most pleasing sound, but rather the most accurate sound.