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About Monitor Heaters

Outside your window, the night is cold and frosty, but you are relaxing in your favorite chair with a mug of hot chocolate, feeling cozy and comfortable in spite of the chilling wind outside. When the weather is frightful, a Monitor heater can help you create a home that is comfortable, warm, and inviting, so your family and guests can escape the chill and feel safe and secure. The large inventory on eBay lets you explore a wide variety of heaters and parts to find and maintain a heater that accords with your climate-control preferences. Monitor kerosene heaters offer highly efficient and economic heating that can keep your home toasty on even the coldest nights. Routine maintenance is essential to keep your Monitor heater performing for you, so look for repair and replacement components including fuel nozzles, combustion rings, burn chamber rebuild kits, and flame detective rods. Tune-up kits feature several different components to let you perform seasonal maintenance as well as simple repairs, enabling you to keep your heater working safely and efficiently throughout the year.

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