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About Monet Necklaces

One look at Monet necklaces, elegantly crafted from the finest gold, silver, and stones, shows you these pieces of jewelry are works of art. Monet traces its origins back to the early 1900s. Its founders, two entrepreneurial brothers in New York City, initially made products for design and decoration, such as car decals and emblems. After enlisting a former Cartier designer in 1934, however, the duo switched to fine jewelry. Today, you can find Monet necklaces in unique designs, such as cascading pearls, flowers, and thick rope-style necklaces. These pieces draw inspiration from fashion designers around the world, including Coco Chanel and Elsa Schiaparelli. On eBay, you can peruse a large inventory to find a necklace in your style. You might consider a Monet tassel necklace, available in various types of gold, exuding a contemporary look and feel with chunky gold feathers tapering to a dazzling pendant. A hook and clasp fasten the necklace around your neck, while a layer of polish creates a special shine. You can also look for a vintage Monet necklace, with a conservative chain link, featuring tiny links, attaching to beautiful floral pendants, emulating the emphasis on plants and animals embodied by Chanel.