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About Monet Bracelets

As a little girl, you may have gone into your grandmother?s jewelry box and found old jewelry. Chances are that some of the bracelets were Monet bracelets. This doesn?t mean they were created by the artist, but they were created by a company who went by the name of Monocraft Products Company, also known as Monet. These bracelets were thought to be costume bracelets, but many of the pieces were made from gold or silver. People have begun to collect Monet bracelets because there are so many different types and variations, not to mention the company was first created in 1927. You can tell if your Monet bracelet is authentic because Monet uses precious metals and unique designs. Many designs feature open metal work and straighter edges than other pieces being produced at the time. Many of the bracelets found on eBay show these intricate and subtle designs. While Monet bracelets are considered costume jewelry, the gold and silver pieces are a stunning addition to any jewelry collection.

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