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About Mondo Posters

Step into the die-hard movie fan's den, and the crisp graphics of the Mondo posters on the wall draw you across the room to stare at the exquisite images. In this era of Photoshopped images and mass-produced posters, the limited-edition silkscreen prints stand out from the versions seen in movie theaters. Based in Austin, Texas, Mondo began with Alamo Drafthouse's Rolling Roadshow, reinterpreting classic movie posters. As its following grew, Mondo sought out licensing rights for a variety of movies and then produced limited-edition fine-art Mondo posters. After the "Star Wars" Mondo movie poster was released in 2010, the fan base for Mondo posters exploded, with some of the prints featured in the Mondo gallery selling out before reaching the online catalog. Because the posters are limited-edition prints, the search for the perfect Mondo poster for your living room or den may take a little extra time — you cannot run down to the mall to pick up a Mondo. Luckily, the large inventory on eBay yields a wide variety of Mondo's works, from the Mondo "Batman" poster to the classic "Bride of Frankenstein."