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About Mohair Bears

Through stormy nights and fear of the dark, you held your mohair bear tight. Millions of children across the nation have been doing the same for more than a century. In fact, the number one kid’s toy is the teddy. Less known is how they became popular in the first place. Back in 1905, Richard Steiff decided to make an upright mohair teddy bear. At first, there was no name. Across the world, at the same time, President Theodore Roosevelt was hunting bear and was having no luck. The members of his party tied up a young cub to a tree, and offered to let him shoot it so he could claim that he got his game. President Roosevelt refused, claiming it to be unsportsmanlike. When word of the story broke, parents began buying mohair bears for their children called “Teddy” in honor of Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt. This was a wonderful toy and a way to show support for their nation and their president. Over time, the image of the toys changed as companies caught on. Miniature mohair bears became collectable pieces, and before long, children were taking them everywhere. Today they are made from all kinds of materials, but when made from the original material, they are still popular. Find pre-loved and new varieties of this childhood favorite through the reliable sellers on eBay. Find a replica of your old friend or share the love with a child in your life.