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About Mohair

You pull on your soft sweater and fall into the warm bear hug embrace that you've come to know and love. Made from mohair, which comes from the hair of the Angora goat, this sweater of yours is worn all the time. Not only does it keep you warm in the winter, but it also keeps you cool in the summer. On eBay, you can find both new and gently used ready-to-wear clothes made from mohair such as cardigans, jackets, and sweaters in a wide range of designs. But, if you're more crafty and would prefer to knit sweaters yourself, reliable sellers also offer mohair fabric and mohair yarn for your creations. Remember that mohair takes dyes extremely well, resulting in bright, saturated colors that you won't normally find in other natural fabrics. Whether you choose to give this a gift or you are just thinking about adding a couple more jackets to your already existing collection, everyone including yourself will enjoy the warmth and longevity of mohair.