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About Modular Helmets

When Matt bought his new Harley, his wife, Megan, insisted on only one thing?a modular helmet and the promise that Matt would wear it whenever he rode his bike. Matt searched eBay's motor division and found a used dual visor modular helmet whose main anti-scratch visor and a retractable smoked sun visor protects his eyes from sun and keeps him safe when riding open face, and it has an easy single-hand, one-button flip up system. The built-in Bluetooth system and noise-cancelling mic allows Matt to communicate with Megan when she is riding with him or with other riders when they go on group rides. He can use his cell phone through the system, listen to streaming music, and hear GPS directions. The helmet is glove-friendly, has a flow-through ventilation system, and is waterproof. So, it's really quite pleasant to wear and use the modular helmet rather than take it for a ride strapped to the back of the bike. Matt's mom has just arrived for a visit and he's dying to take her for a short spin around town. She's hesitant, but he hands her Megan's brand new pink modular helmet, puts on his own, and off they go?Mama screaming in delight all the way down the road.