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Shop the extensive inventory of models, kits, and other military airplane models and kits!

About Model Planes

Picture Snoopy and his WWI bomber plane doghouse fighting the Red Baron. Model planes support that type of high drama and intrigue that only a rich imagination builds. Construct flying model planes by purchasing kits for more excitement, taking to the air by going outdoors. Radio-controlled or carried solely by air, a model airplane that really works is exciting, both for children and the child at heart. Model planes are as diverse as the rich historical history of aviation. From WWI fighters to cargo planes to the F117 Nighthawk, feel the rush and excitement of watching creations take to the skies, whether by imagination or in real life. Such a diverse set of reliable sellers makes hobbies new and old take off on eBay, where you can find hard-to-locate parts, big and small, to complete kits of yesteryear as well as today. Paints, glue, and the rest of the accessories are available here too. Watch your imagination soar into the sky.