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Shop the extensive inventory of women's shoes including flats and oxfords for women!

About Moccasins

Like the weather, your fashion moods change from one day to the next. Friday night is a great time for a cute black dress and tall, glittering stilettos, but all you want to do is slide your feet into a cozy pair of moccasins come Saturday morning. These shoes are made for men and women, and they come in many styles. Some are shaped like loafers and look and feel like comfy, soft slippers. Others, however, get a little bit more dressed up and come in the form of tall boots, some decorated with fringe. On eBay, you can browse a large variety of moccasins, new and used, and available from reliable sellers. Find just the ones you need when you want to relax. You can search by brand. Perhaps UGG moccasins, shaped like loafers and insulated with warm sheepskin, are just what you need. Or, you might instead go with a pair of beaded moccasins, featuring beautiful decorative bead patterns that look stylish and comfortable.