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About Moccasin Boots

To bead or not to bead: when it comes to moccasin boots, the variety of tassels and decorations lets you answer that question. These boots come in sizes and fits for men, women, and children. Women's boots run a bit smaller, and feature fun, feminine designs like flirty frills and decorative beads. You can find them in ankle-high, mid-calf, and knee-high designs. Men's boots have simpler designs, much like loafers. They rise to the ankle, have sturdy soles, and lace up the front. You can find moccasin boots in a variety of materials, like suede. However, leather moccasin boots prove most popular. Manufacturers perfect shoe leather through a process of stretching, softening, and coloring. Leather, in turn, molds to your foot and gives boots shape. Although soft and warm, leather proves equally tough. It seals out wind and rain, keeping your feet warm and dry. On eBay, you can browse the large inventory of boots that reliable sellers maintain. Search for boots by brand, like Minnetonka, or for a change of pace, you might explore the selection of vintage moccasin boots. These boots date back to the 1960s and 1970s. They embody the carefree days of the Hippie era with elaborate fringe and decadent faux-fur coats surrounding their legs.

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