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Al Thieme was working as a plumbing and electrical contractor in Bridgeport, Michigan, when one of his relatives was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. As her condition deteriorated, Al decided the mobility options available were not good enough. So in his spare time he tinkered and tested until he developed the mobility scooter in 1968. The scooters quickly became popular for their affordability, compact size, and sporty appearance. If you or a loved one needs a better way to get around, browse through the vast inventory of mobility scooters found on eBay.

About Mobility Scooter

Movement, freedom, and the ability to go wherever you like are at the heart of a mobility scooter. These peppy little vehicles give you the power to go the distance, and are easy to control and operate. They combine the virtues of a wheelchair with the design advantages of a scooter, such as storage baskets and handlebar controls. This means that the vehicles can provide support while also allowing you to travel freely and engage with the world more effectively. An electric mobility scooter is the most popular design, meaning that you only need to plug in and charge up your unit each day to get the mobility you want. There is also a range of lightweight popular designs, including the folding mobility scooter. This type is ideal for when you are traveling in a car and need to stow your scooter, or when your home contains limited storage space. Browse through the large inventory of mobility scooters on eBay, select one that suits your needs, and scoot out into the world with confidence.