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About MK3 Supra

The unforgettable, angular sports cars of the 1980s have remained popular since their first introduction, and car manufacturers all around the world all produced their own unique take on the definition of 1980s cool. The MK3 Supra is the fastback offering from Toyota, and features 1980s sports car staples such as folding front headlights and sleek lines. Many MK3 Supras also come with a 2.9-liter engine under the hood, and a turbocharged model and offer even more speed and acceleration. The Supra also made its mark on many race tracks in the following decades. Although these cars are no longer available as new, they are still very popular for their speed and reliability and, as a result, you can often find plenty of spares should you need them. A terrific place to look is the vast inventory on eBay, where you can find everything from MK3 Supra Lights, to MK3 Supra exhausts, as well as a huge selection of other parts. This means that you can keep your very own 1980s classic on the road with the minimum fuss.