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About Mizuno JPX Irons

Standing on the fairway with your eye on the pin and your hands wrapped around the grip of your Mizuno JPX iron, you take a moment of Zen. You reflect on which sensation of a perfectly struck golf shot you prefer to focus on while you watch your ball disappear over the horizon: the antigravity-like physical effortlessness of the follow-through or the distinct "ping," almost a small chime, that trails behind your ball like a sonic shadow. Instead being forced to choose one over the other, give yourself the chance to enjoy both by building your gear selection around the Mizuno JPX iron, the club that maximizes the number of those happy little moments while minimizing your score. With different options ranging from a new graphite Mizuno JPX 6 iron to used Mizuno JPX 800 irons available from reputable sellers on eBay, you will be sure to find your ideal set of clubs in time for your next 18.