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About Mitutoyo

The study of measurement is not as sexy as astronomy or oceanography, yet it's still a noble calling, and the folks at Mitutoyo have created some pretty interesting instruments that almost make this science as cool as its other sister subjects. No little boy or girl ever said to themselves, "When I grow up, I want to be a metrologist," but perhaps when they see all the toys from this Japan-based company, they may change their minds. The Mitutoyo bore gage, for example, measure holes as little as 0.002 mm over 0.00008 of an inch. That's not really sexy, but it sure is impressive. Whether you're a professional metrologist looking to upgrade your lab's Mitutoyo tools, or merely an enthusiast or hobbyists looking for measuring instruments, eBay is a good place search for a digital caliper or micrometer. Metrologists may not get many thanks and accolades, but their contributions to science are immeasurable.