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About Mitsubishi Evolution

The Lancer Evolution is so powerful for its class that Mitsubishi had to be a little coy about how big a punch its engine packs. Although official descriptions of the Mitsubishi Evolution insist its engine produces 276 horsepower, the fifth generation of this high performance sports car is capable of delivering more throughput. Every generation of the Evolution comes with an all-wheel drive system and a 2-liter, turbocharged engine. The tenth iteration, Mitsubishi Evolution X, not only has updated styling, but also a new turbocharged inline-4 engine wrapped in aluminum. To emphasize its racing pedigree, the Evolution X comes with the option of five-speed manual transmission if you are a street racer or a six-speed twin-clutch transmission with paddle shifters if you love the feel of a sports car. While the Mitsubishi Evolution is already pretty fast and powerful, you can milk more oomph from the vehicle with a turbo kit. These kits include custom intercoolers, turbochargers, and blowoff valves. With the wide selection of Mitsubishi Evolution turbo kits offered on eBay, you have an easy way to satisfy your need for speed.