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About Mirror Tints

With leather seats, lowered suspension, custom wheels, and a stylish matte black paint job, your car is your pride and joy, but the mirrors do not quite match the rest of the look. If you want to add a stylish dark tint to your side or rearview mirrors, mirror tints are an easy way of doing the job yourself and are available in made-to-measure sizes for a huge range of vehicles. You can choose from a range of subtle and not-so subtle colors, including blue mirror tints that remove much of the annoying glare that often dazzles you as you check your rearview mirrors in strong sunlight. You can also find mirror tints suitable for the home, perfect for dulling the sunlight in one-way mirrors overlooking the pool in the yard. No matter what kind of mirror tints you are looking for, the vast inventory on eBay is sure to include what you need.