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About Minox

For those who are unfamiliar, subminiature photography involves uncharacteristically small cameras that use small, sometimes proprietary, file formats. Minox is the industry leader in this unique subdivision of photography equipment. The first of these devices was created in 1922, but that has not prevented the well-known manufacturer from evolving with the times. The modern Minox camera is of the digital variety and comes in two lines: one with a retro aesthetic and a much sleeker version of the subminiature camera. In addition to this, optical devices, such as Minox binoculars, are also produced with the company's renowned quality. Whether you want a camera small enough to role-play as an undercover spy, or you need a pair of binoculars to sightsee while on vacation, reliable sellers on eBay have the right product for you. There are both new and used products to satisfy your needs, and if those needs happen to involve cameras or binoculars, consider Minox.