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About Minneapolis Moline

With its distinctive golden yellow paint and red and white livery accents, an antique Minneapolis Moline tractor is a guaranteed showstopper at any community parade or fair. The Minneapolis Moline brand began manufacturing tractors in 1929. It had some modest success, but the brand was never blessed with the high sales and instant recognition of more mainstream brands. Instead, Minneapolis Moline has become known for early innovations and unique design features that have significantly influenced the look and features of today's tractors. The Minneapolis Moline U series tractors were the first to have an enclosed cab, and many of them included luxuries like speedometers and windshield wipers, which, while common in cars of the era, had never been included in tractor designs before. Power was another key calling card of the brand, and the monster G series, including the behemoth Minneapolis Moline G1000 model, were some of the highest-horsepower models of their day. A number on eBay reliable sellers offer parts, replicas, and complete tractors in a variety of Minneapolis Moline models for the serious collector or casual fan.