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About Mink Stoles

Mink is the most popular fur in the world for its versatility and durability, and beautiful mink stoles can keep you warm and cozy while giving you the look of a classic movie star. They are also called wraps or capes. Stoles come in many styles and colors, including brown, blonde, black, white, and grey. The right stole looks just as good with jeans and boots as with an evening dress and stilettos. Some pelts still have the longer outer hairs, called guard hairs, on them. Others are sheared for an even softer feel. Larger stoles resemble ponchos, while smaller ones look more like scarves or shawls. Sometimes vintage stoles still have the head or tail of the small, weasel-like mink attached. However, a wide selection of faux mink is available if you do not want to wear real fur. Keep your furs in cold storage during the warmer months to make sure they retain their luxurious look and feel. With the vast inventory on eBay, you can find the most fashionable mink stoles for your wardrobe.

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