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About Mini Perfumes

You use up the last of your favorite perfume and want to try something new, but your fear buying a scent you will not like. Luckily, you can purchase a set of mini perfume from several different brands to try out new scents without draining your wallet. A mini perfume lot might contain multiple samples from different department stores, brands, or different scents from just one brand. These mini bottles usually contain an ounce or less of perfume, but it will last quite a while with proper use. In addition to trying new scents, you might get stylish bottles that you can put on display in your powder room. Look for a mini perfume set that offers scent profiles that appeal to you. Different sets will offer floral, citrus, oriental, or woody scents in combination. You will also find mixed sets containing popular scents from name brands. You will find many different types of mini perfume available from the reliable sellers on eBay.