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About Mini LP

Just a few decades ago, the world sounded a little different. Hear the same sounds you did in your youth, making you feel younger and more alive, by listening to a mini LP. Almost any album you want is available pre-loved or never played from the reliable sellers on eBay. Whether it was released to stand on its own, or as a predecessor to a full album, this convenient format allows you to listen to the best songs when you’re in a time crunch because it’s shorter than a typical, full-length LP. The warm tones are unique to vinyl, and digital formats just can’t live up to it. Relish in the sounds you remember or see what the fuss surrounding vinyl is all about for the first time when you blast a Rolling Stones mini LP and travel through time into the past. Not only can you enjoy the sound a mini LP creates, but it looks super cool around your house. This format of music is sure to draw attention at a party, so the next time you go out, be sure to bring The Cars mini LP with you and rock away the night with your best friends.