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About Mini Heaters

Convenient mini heaters come with multiple options to keep you warm at home and at work. Many are small enough to heat a small room, or to fit under a desk. They are usually shaped like fans, cylinders, or cubes, and they come in a variety of colors to match any decor. Mini electric heaters are energy efficient, and many have thermostats so you can adjust the amount of heat given off. Some mini fan heaters even have a fan only setting for use all year. For safety, a heater with an automatic shutoff mechanism is best. That way, the heater cannot get too hot, or cause a fire if it tips over. You should also keep the heater away from curtains, bedding, or stacks of paper in an office. Oil-filled radiators provide a consistent heat, but they can take a while to warm up, and they do not have a fan to blow the heat throughout a room. They do keep emitting heat long after they are turned off, and therefore remain a good option for heating homes. Search the large inventory on eBay to find mini heaters that are the right fit for your home or your office.